Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Is India only a Bank of Ancient Wisdom, not a source?

To answer this, we must first get over the illusions of theories like Aryan Invasion and let us just try to stretch our mind...

Raja Ravi Varma: The Artist who made God in the Image...

It is well known that man is made in the Image of God. And this 18th-century artist gave the ideals of god a form...

Treasure Hunt resumed at Emar Mutt, Puri

One of the 18 Mutts established by Saint Ramanuja in 1050, the Emar Mutts is again in headlines due to a fascinating discovery of...

Indian Temples and their spiritual connection with Aliens

Did you ever wonder why ancient temples around the world have a larger stone platform beside a temple tower? Are they airports? Or much...

Why TVs are an obstruction to spiritual growth?

When we go back to 90’s when the cable networks were introduced in India, people who’re accustomed to watching one program per week on...

A book that documents real India: Life and Teaching of The...

The Divine Spirit of the conquering Christ transcends all discord. Says the great 20th century master from the west, Baird T. Spalding in his...

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