This new an institution called ‘Vishnugupta Vishwa Vidhyapeetha’ is aiming to provide ancient arts and Vedas to the students, regardless of their caste and religion. The inauguration of this university will be held on 26th April, Monday.

This institution is located in Karnataka’s town, Gokarna and they announced this university in 2020. They are also saying that the students who study here will get the knowledge of four Vedas and the main language is Sanskrit. They will also teach Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil along with Sanskrit.

This institution will also teach epics, 64 ancient arts, self-defence, modern languages, and agriculture. Raghaveshwarabharathi who found the institution said, “There is a need to emphasise the rediscovery of ancient Indian knowledge and other aspects of Indian culture that have vanished today.

For instance, many believe the Samaveda has a thousand segments. But only three exist as of today.There is an urgent need to rediscover, learn and preserve our ancient knowledge for future generations.”  

The officials of this university are saying, this institution will be a modern Thakshashila. Vdhyapeetha will offer 2year course. Open to all ages. Combined courses will also be available on Shashthras and Vedas. 

Viswanath Dasari

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