Colleena Shakthi, she’s an American but she made India her home. She learnt the classical Indian dance form ‘Odissi.’ Now she’s running a school in 300yrs ago Ancient Temple called Pushkar, Raghunatha Venugopalaswami temple in India.

She named her dance school ‘Shakthi school of Dance.’ She’s teaching dance mudras to thousands of students around the world. Her interest in ancient India and its dance forms are much appreciated.

She became a renowned dancer around the globe. She’s teaching thousands of students online as per the current situation, the school is not working physically.

Colleena said, “I 2001, I came to India to study Odissi dance in Bhubaneswar and to research on Rajasthan folk dance on kalbelia dancers. When I came to Pushkar, I met the trustee of Purana Ranganatha Venugopala temple, Ananth Prasad, who offered me a place to practise in this temple. I call it God’s grace and Divine blessings that I was offered this place,” She’s teaching this dance form for 15years.    

Viswanath Dasari

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