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These marvellous Badami cave Temples are located in Badami,  a town in the Bagalkot district, Karnataka, India. This rock-cut architecture is a masterpiece. This is a Chalukya architecture from the 6th century.

These caves were called Vathaapi Badami caves in that time of Chalukya dynasty. These are the very ancient Hindu Temple caves in India. The inscriptions on the walls told that these caves are dated back to 6th century but the other  cave is even more ancient and it was written in ancient Kannada language. Cave 1 is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the cave 2 and 3 are dedicated to Vishnu. In 2015, another cave came to light.  

image courtesy by wikipedia

These caves are carved out of soft sandstone. In cave 1, Nataraja ‘Dancing Shiva’ was carved with 18 hands in beautiful geometric way. In the 4th cave, they also carved Bahubali. They depicted Vishnu in various forms, and many carvings on the backside of the walls. They will show us how the culture was in 6-7th century and also even ancient times too.

There is another small cave near these caves. Vishnu was carved there beautifully but the face of the carving has been destroyed. They also carved Pepal tree behind Vishnu. In 2013 they found another cave with beautiful carvings and an inscription in Devanagari script and the exact date of this cave is unknown. However, these beautiful cave Temples are a strong example of our ancients’ brilliant mind.    

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