Ancient India is full of great people called Siddhas who achieved eternal life by expressing the divine within. In them, 24 Siddhas were Jain Tirthankaras. The 16th Tirthankara from ancient India, Ascended Master Shantinatha is a unique master and the 5th emperor who conquered the known world.

Shantinathaa was born to King Vishvasena and Queen Achira of the Ikshwaku Dynasty in Hastinapur. His parents allowed him a long childhood in which helped him to learn various aspects of spirituality. It is said that Shantinatha remained as a boy for over 25,000 years while his parents ruled the kingdom. And when Shantinatha took the throne, he ruled it for another 25,000 years before embarking on his ascetic life.

Shantinatha is not only a great ruler but also a great healer and wiped out great epidemics during his reign. He also successfully saved his empire from invasions that no one dared to enter while he’s on the throne. He’s also known as the bringer of peace!

Shanthinatha embarked on ascetic life only after living fully and resolving all his deeds, and he lived thus for nine years and he trained his embodiment in a way that he stayed 16 years without eating after getting enlightened and he broke his fast as a king named Dharma Mitra offered food when Shantinatha visited Somanasapur. Shantinath demonstrated Ascension before his disciples and other people, at the Prasanth Hill of Jharkhand on the 13th day of Jesta Masa.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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