02 Front View, in Bodhgaya, Bihar

Prince Siddhartha who later known as Gowthama Buddha inspired the world with his teachings. Saints like Professor Nagarjuna attained enlightenment by following his path while practising Alchemy.

Buddha found a wise way to replace what was with what is, as the monks concentrate on the mandala, holding its petals in their mind, replacing the past with it. Even the Himalayan saints say it as focussing on a rose for a month will take away one’s worries.

That’s what Buddha is said to be the way to Enlightenment, but the later monks of the modern era took it the other way around as they chose abstinence and monastic life. However, Gowthama Buddha performed relentless miracles like walking on water, healing people and even vanishing and reappearing.

The way Buddha renovated himself inspires the whole world that one must embark on such an inner journey of self-discovery that within every one resides a golden buddha, for the one who realises himself or herself is a buddha.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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