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The Vedic Genius: Sir Nikola Tesla

Nowadays, people are worshipping false ideals and actors rather than true heroes who worked for the real progress of humanity! Sir Nikola Tesla comes under...

The amalgamation of Ancientness with wilderness: Bhairavakona Shiva Temple, A.P.

India is a nation that no matter how globalization tries to step in, there will always be a place that’s guarded by ancient essence...

Rajan Zed urges Hindus worldwide commit to “selfless service” on Diwali

Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, sending Diwali greetings to 1.2 billion Hindus of the world, has urged them each to take a vow of...

The significance of our festivals in Winter.

Right after the festival of Dussehra, this entire winter season is the festival of wellbeing and fabulous wealth. Starting with the aromatic fragrances of...

Deepavali: This is why Ancient Indians recommend gazing at Diya

As we all know the meaning of Deepavali is the line of lights, it’s not just a mere festival that celebrated the Victory of...

Hindus worldwide dismayed at forced closure of Swindon Hindu Temple during festival season

Hindus globally are highly concerned regarding reports of overnight closure of Swindon Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre in South West England by Swindon Borough...

Hindus urge Washington Concert Opera to discard culturally insensitive opera Lakmé

Hindus are urging Washington Concert Opera (WCO) in Washington DC to withdraw “Lakmé” opera; scheduled for May 22, 2022; which they feel seriously trivializes Hindu religious and...

Hindus urge Ghana Prez Akufo-Addo to intervene in Achimota School, ensuring religious freedom

Hindus are urging Ghana President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to urgently intervene in the affairs of elite Achimota School so that minority religions do not...

Here are the 64 Arts Learned By Lord Krishna.

Did you ever wonder what did the ancients must have learned at schools apart from Vedic Knowledge? We always heard of the 64 arts...

Here’s the Never-ending Pooja: Annamacharya

If you look at Sri Annamacharya’s Kritis, you might think that his devotion is towards a deity who settled only on a seven-hilled city...
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