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How did our ancients know that water has memory?

Until the beginning of the 21st century when a Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, came up with a startling concept that Water Has Memory, the...

Gujarat Technological University to offer Ancient Education Online!

While the vast amount of learning these days went online, a unique thought of re-establishing the ancient knowledge came to the Gujarat Technological University,...

Carl Sagan about Ancient India

Before the advent of Cell Phones and mainstream satellite media, India was a different country that people lived pure and the only contaminants there...

Muthuswami Dikshithar: A masterful composer.

Muthuswami Dikshithar, an 18th-century composer, was born into a Brahmin family from Thiruvarur near Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. He is one of the musical Trinity...

India after Kurukshetra War.

As many think that the battle of Kurukshetra was only fought for a personal reason that the five brothers took revenge for the humiliation...

Odisha: Abode of Ancient Monuments

Odisha is the home for ancient antiquity, the great Mahabharata and Maha Govinda Sutta and many Puranas were found here. This place gave much...

Two Superstitions that corrupt Sanathana Dharma even today.

When we look at the marvellous nature of Ancient Wisdom that we have in this land, on the other hand, the superstitions that were...

Do you know about Brahmapurishwarar Shiva Temple in Amber?

This Shiva Temple is located in a village called Ambar. And it is the 54th padal Petra sthalam in 275 temples. It is located...

Andhra Vishnu – The First Telugu Emperor.

Everyone thought that Srikakula Andhra Vishnu was a mythical ruler until the Vijayanagara Emperor Srikrishna Devaraya encountered this legendary being in a state that...

Goda Devi – Master of Divine Love!

An inspiration of divine love and a true master over the frivolities of a decadent society, Andaal Goda Devi stood as a wonderful example...
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