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How Lord Ganesh stands as an ideal for Genius?

Ganesh – the word is a popular synonym for the word Genius. Ganesh, for many reasons, stand as an ideal for genius and Intelligence...

Significance of Satpta Matrikas

Whenever you visit an ancient temple, you would find the 9 glorified statues of The Seven Godly Mothers or the Saptha Matrikas, the source...

Ramappa Temple’s Nomination for UNESCO Tag withheld?

As we all know that the great temple of Ramappa, built by the Kakatiya Emperor Ganapati Deva, has been nominated to UNESCO WHS along...

Favorite Shrine of Nayanars – Madhuvaneshwarar temple, Tamil Nadu

South of River Kaveri, hemmed by a deep forest of various herbs and shrubs, located near the ancient town of Nannilam, Thiruvarur District of...

Evidence of Mysterious sounds from the sky in The Mahabharata.

Mysterious sounds from the sky are now shaking off the world eventually for a decade. They might be similar to a sonic boom made...

Significance of Silambam

After the great battle of Mahabharata, India has always been under utter peace and harmony and free of Invaders until 500 BC as the...

Gopaladasa: A mystic Haridasa

The Haridasa tradition is quite intriguing whenever we see one among the streets, singing the knowledge in a rhythmic song. But there's more to...

Polamma’s Ascent to heaven.

When we think of freedom, one does need to fight for it. But they fail to realise they’re already free to dream and in...

Ancient Temple Remains discovered in Balimela Reservoir, Odisha.

Every day, archaeologists are stumbling upon a new discovery of our ancient culture and now they have found the ruins of an ancient temple...

How Upanishads and The Bhagavad Gita laid the foundations to The Matrix.

Asathoma Sathgamaya, Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya, Mrityorma Amruthangamaya, are the verses that resonate in one’s head when the movie The Matrix comes to mind. Actor Keanu...
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