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Carnatic Fusion: A new revolution?

When the world transitioned into a virtual platform of external influences where people worship images and get stranded amidst chaotic trends, the current generation...

Sanathsugatiyam: An Underrated Equivalent To The Bhagavad-Gita.

We all know that how the Bhagavad-Gita has been made popular unanimously over every other scripture of ancient wisdom. But there’s another book, mostly...

Did Dwarves build the Bugga Ramalingeswara Temple at Thadipatri?

Did you ever ponder who’re the best masons and craftsmen among humanity? History, when deeply studied, says that it’s Dwarves that poses extraordinary skill...

How Lord Ganesh stands as an ideal for Genius?

Ganesh – the word is a popular synonym for the word Genius. Ganesh, for many reasons, stand as an ideal for genius and Intelligence...

Queen Kuppambika – The first Telugu Poetess

We all know that various versions of Ramayana exist apart from Saint Valmiki, in Telugu, two versions of Ramayana were wondrously composed, Ranganatha Ramayanam...

Significance of Satpta Matrikas

Whenever you visit an ancient temple, you would find the 9 glorified statues of The Seven Godly Mothers or the Saptha Matrikas, the source...

The Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Javagal, Karnataka.

In Karnataka, there were many temples constructed by Hoysala Rulers and later renovated by Vijayanagar Empire. When we hear the name Hoyalasa, the Hoyasaleswara...

Ramappa Temple’s Nomination for UNESCO Tag withheld?

As we all know that the great temple of Ramappa, built by the Kakatiya Emperor Ganapati Deva, has been nominated to UNESCO WHS along...

Favorite Shrine of Nayanars – Madhuvaneshwarar temple, Tamil Nadu

South of River Kaveri, hemmed by a deep forest of various herbs and shrubs, located near the ancient town of Nannilam, Thiruvarur District of...

How Srinivasa Nayaka became Purandara Dasa?

We all know that the 15th century Ascended Master Purandara Dasa as the Grandfather of Carnatic music for his immense contribution along with the discovery...
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