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The Temple Dance: A revival of ancient glory

“The Temple Dance” is an amazing Initiative By a Kuchipudi Dancer to Restore Ancient Temples. Himansee Katragadda, a Kuchipudi dancer from Warangal, has started an...

Unniyarcha – The Queen of Kalaripayattu

The world is slowly becoming aware of itself and the qualities inherited from the god within. Among them, the arts that facilitate a high-quality...

World Famous Prince Dance Group to perform at the launch ceremony of Star Bharat’s...

With a journey from reality shows to performing at events, The Prince Dance Group has made a remarkable career and a mark for themselves...

Is India only a Bank of Ancient Wisdom, not a source?

To answer this, we must first get over the illusions of theories like Aryan Invasion and let us just try to stretch our mind...

Raja Ravi Varma: The Artist who made God in the Image of Man

It is well known that man is made in the Image of God. And this 18th-century artist gave the ideals of god a form...

Indian Temples and their spiritual connection with Aliens

Did you ever wonder why ancient temples around the world have a larger stone platform beside a temple tower? Are they airports? Or much...

Significance of ‘Swastika’ in the East!

When we look at the mantra ‘Om Gam Gam Gam Gam Ganapathaye Namah, here the four Gam sounds represent a symbol i.e. The Swastika.’...

Glory of Avantishwara Temple, Kashmir

Its totally surprising when we see Jammu and Kashmir nowadays where the culture chiefly reflects the Tibetan style mixed with Middle Eastern tendencies. But...

UNESCO launches special book on Indian cultural treasures

The moment has arrived to celebrate the greatness of ancient India in the form of a book. Entitled ‘Incredible Treasures’, with rich-text and delightful...
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It’s Lord Krishna’s time in India!

The festival of Janmashtami brought glory and freedom back to the nation amid the Government imposed bans across the nation. Seems like the people...
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