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Who’s true God? – Basava

During the vigorous need for the revival of ancient wisdom, the Saivaite saints did their best in rejuvenating the unity of humanity and divinity....

Krishna Janmashtami: Honouring Children

Everyone knows the day as the birth of Lord Krishna and celebrates it by honoring the child in their home. Is there any deeper...

Gangasati: A Mystic Saint from Bhakti Moment

The saints who revived the ancient knowledge were so glorious to behold and to speak about. Gangasati, a 12th-century mystic saint who participated vigorously...

A temple that inspired the solarisation of India!

It’s not at all a myth now that the ancients did possess ample sources of renewable energy, that the temples did serve, not only...

Gujarat Technological University to offer Ancient Education Online!

While the vast amount of learning these days went online, a unique thought of re-establishing the ancient knowledge came to the Gujarat Technological University,...

Tamannah Bhatia Co-authors ‘Back To Roots: Celebrating Indian Wisdom and Wellness’

It’s a rare sight when people from mainstream entertainment come up and promote true solutions for a better life through ancient culture. This time,...

Tirupathi Laddus to be packed in DRDO’s Eco-Friendly Bags

Till now many scientists came up with numerous inventions to eradicate plastic but this time, the scientists of Advance Systems Laboratory of DRDO in...

Highest Herbal Park in Uttarakhand, India

It is indeed good news for all of us! India has a huge Herbal park in Mana Uttarakhand, Chamoli district. It got inaugurated on...

Did Ancient Indian Sculptors Build The Baalbek Temple, Lebanon?

The Great Temple of Baalbek is chiefly credited as Roman architecture in the description given by UNESCO as its one of the World Heritage...

Lingaraja Temple was built by Pandava lineage?

When we see Odisha, it’s full of cultural heritage and monuments of pre mauryan era were to be found everywhere. Even the kings like...
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