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Polymath traveller – Pietro Della Valle

We all know about Marco Polo of the 13th century and his travels to India and the description he gave about the Kakatiya Kingdom. But...

The Magnificent Temple of gangaikondacholapuram

As we are much familiar with the big temple of Thanjavur, there's another identical temple at the Chola capital 280 km away, built by...

The Real Indian: Baird. T. Spalding

Every one who's born in India, somehow knows the miraculous did exist even many western skeptics blatantly argue despite ample proof of many masters...

Agama Shastra Says there was no discrimination of Caste or Gender in Ancient India.

The current Indian society runs by the famous discriminations of Caste and Gender. In which the governments use Caste to get power over them...

Civil Engineer Brings Back Ancient Science of construction.

Thirumallini Selvaraj, professor at Vellore Institute of Technology, rediscovered the ancient conscruction methods to restore the Monuments of the Ancient land, including many great...

Vedas and Unified Field

Ever since the materialistic views of western mindset started polluting the young minds of India, they turned towards the close minded phenomenon and started...

Yogi Vemana’s Message to Humanity

The 14th century Reddyking Vema, a yogi and a renowned alchemist encoded his wisdom i his Ataveladi poems very beautifully in a language very...

Baddena – The Poet King

In the 13th century there were many renowned poets like Tikkana and Palkuriki Somanatha. But little is known about the author of Sumathi Sathakam...

Is Aryan Invasion a hoax?

Ever since you study the history of this nation through the lenses of conventional education, you probably encountered this term Aryan Invasion that a...

Why India? Why not Bharat?

Ancient lands always bore different names from today, either they differ in pronunciation or may have a similar name or a different one. For...
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