Saturday, September 25, 2021


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A book that documents real India: Life and Teaching of The Masters of the...

The Divine Spirit of the conquering Christ transcends all discord. Says the great 20th century master from the west, Baird T. Spalding in his...

Rotating stone Tyres at Ranganathaswamy Temple, Bangalore?

Bangalore, though it is known for its tech advancements and its fast-paced hectic lifestyle, the City has a lot of Ancient roots where we...

Do we need another Bhakti Moment?

It’s the daily routine and common habits of a common individual, aids him or her in leading a better life. Our ancients have all...

Sankaradeva – The Polymath Saint of Assam

As we know that Assam has been famous for Tea but little is known to a 12th standard student about this wonderful master who...

Gangasati: A Mystic Saint from Bhakti Moment

The saints who revived the ancient knowledge were so glorious to behold and to speak about. Gangasati, a 12th-century mystic saint who participated vigorously...

Vijaya Dasa – The Victorious Man

Hails from Cheekalaparvi Raichur District, Karnataka, Vijaya Dasa’s previous name was Dasappa, born to Srinivasappa and Kusamma. His family initially battled the lack of...
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