Once upon a time in Ancient India, there lived a Brahmin, whose devotion to Lord Shiva is so pure that not even the devas can match. His devotion became contagious and the whole kingdom became alike in expressing devotion to the Lord.

The Brahmin has a pet goat that he adores the most, loves to spend time with it after his daily prayers. One day, as he took his pet out for a walk, four wicked men wanted to snatch the goat from the Brahmin. But they’re afraid to face him directly with such intention, so they chose the other way!

The Four wicked men changed their attires, one as a villager, one as a trader, one as a soldier and the other as a hermit.

The Brahmin usually took his pet goat out for a walk and encountered the villager.

“Such an awful dog you have, why don’t you leave it?” Asked the villager.

The Brahmin picked the goat up, didn’t care at first until he met a trader as he passed by.

“Why do you carry that dog, O Brahmin, you can let it walk!” Said the trader.

‘No, it’s my goat!’ The Brahmin got anxious and gave a harsh reply.

‘Goat? Are you out of your mind, O Brahmin, it’s a Dog!’ Said a man from behind. It’s a Soldier who came to him.

The Brahmin said nothing and began doubting his own perception. All he needed was one more Nay, he said nothing and halted under a tree near the temple. There came the hermit, “My son, why don’t you go to the temple and leave your dog with me, I’ll look after it until your return!”

That was enough for the Brahmin, he thought he’s wrong about his pet. It was a Dog, not a goat! Then He almost forgot the difference between the dog and a goat until it said ‘Maa, Maa’ instead of barking. As the folly fell out, the four stranger revealed themselves to be devas who felt jealous for the Brahmin’s devotion and begged him for pardon.

Thus, in the path of enlightenment or in your daily life, be they people of high ranks, can convince the commoner and make him a fool. Such influences can be withstood only through commonsense.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Youtube

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