There is a beautiful Temple of Ram located in Orchha Madhya Pradesh, India. The people call it as Orchha Temple. The devotees visit this place in very large number, including tourists from other countries as well.

The daily count of devotees to this temple is 25,000. This is the only Temple where the devotees treat The Ram as a king.  The count will increase even more in festive times, like vasantha Panchami, Ramnavami.

The king Madhukar Shah Ju Dev and his wife Kamla Devi built this Temple around ‘1554-92.’ The King was a devotee of Lord Krishna of Vrindavan. There is a beautiful story the locals will tell about how Ram became their king; The King was a devotee of Lord Krishna of Brindavan. The king and the queen decided to visit the Temple of Lord Krishna but they found out that the temple has been closed but, they both encountered a beautiful boy and a girl in a dancing group with joy. The king and queen also started dancing with them. They identified that that boy is Lord Krishna. Some golden flowers fell open them while they were dancing.

After that incident, the queen requested the king that she wants to visit Ayodhya since she was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram. But he refuses and even challenges her to take Lord Ram with her from Ayodhya to Orchha.  The queen accepted his challenge and went to Ayodhya but The Ram was not there. She prayed for him on the riverside with so much focus and she ate only fruits and after that, she ate nothing for some time. Since she got the power to focus from within. At last, the Ram came as a little boy and agreed to come with her on one condition that when he reaches the kingdom, he will be the king.  She agrees and then, the king again sees Lord Krishna in a dream and Krishna says, Lord Ram and he is alike not different in any way. So the King announces The Ram as a King to his kingdom.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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