Indian Explorer and YouTuber Praveen Mohan visited the recently unearthed ancient shiva temple and documented it in his video.

An ancient temple of Shiva has been unearthed during sand mining in Penna river near Peramalla Padu village in Chejarla Mandal in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh last year. The Nageswara Temple is said to be hidden in sand over a century ago, is in ruins and seems to have under gone a renovation before being covered by sand. And in the video took by the explorer, we can see three broken pedestals along with a Lingam made of some kind of strange rock, found in the corner, already being worshipped by daring locals.

Some of the curious villagers made initial efforts of unearthing the temple by gathering funds in the village; it took almost a day to find the pinnacle of the temple. It could be build three centuries ago as per the local’s guess; they believe it to be one of the 101 temples built by ‘Parashu Rama’, The sanctum sanctorum is much deeper and the area in which it was found is Mukha Mantapam.

Locals are guessing it could be 200 years old temple. Some locals believe it to be one of the 101 temples built by ‘Parashu Rama’, some opened the temple filled up with sand about 80 years ago.

–       Venkat Dasari

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