The Sun temple of Arasavelli Village is just 1km from Srikakulam Town. The Temple holds more than we think. It was constructed in the pattern just like the Sun Temple and the Temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt that at certain days in the year, the rays from the sun reach the deity within the sanctum sanctorum. Even the Temple of Abu Simbel in Egypt, the sun shines on the deity inside on the days of Equinox.

The Temple dates back to thousands of years just as Konark Sun Temple, while the main temple complex is said to be built by Kalinga King Devendra Varma in 7th century CE, the current renovated temple structure is from 18th century.

It is said that Sage Kasyapa visited this place and installed the central deity idol of the sun god in this temple. The Temple has a great architectural sense, said to be modelled by Viswakarma Brahmins or Mahanaras of Odisha.

Even the five dors of the temple are closed, the sun rays fall on the feel of the idol twice a year between March 9th – 11th and October 1st – 3rd. It is a great thing to behold the ancient magic and the magnificence of ancient architects.

Viswanath Venkat Dasari

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