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This world is full of wonderful saints and masters, and India is no exception. When we look into the history of Jainism, we find wonderful beings who attained enlightenment. Just as Shaninatha, the 16th Tirthankara being the noblest of the ancients, Prince Mahaveera is one of the masters we know in the near history that attained enlightenment and regarded as the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism.

Mahaveera hails from Bihar, born to Queen Trishala and king Siddhartha in 6th century BCE.Being a curious child with parents who’re already walking the path through the teachings of Tirthankara Parshvanatha, Mahaveera set out on his own on the journey of enlightenment after rigorously practising self-knowledge into his life for over 12 years.

Then Mahaveera gave his sermons and lectures to his eleven disciples primarily and then he continued to teach many for over thirty years before Ascending to higher planes. Truth, sheer devotion to God, non-violence, non-stealing, and chastity were some of his principles, and his teaching was compiled by his chief disciple Indrabhuti Gautama. Most of the teachings of Mahaveera were said to be missed after the 1st century CE. However, this master stood as firm as a lion to lead the pathfinders of enlightenment in the right way.

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