Ascended Master Akka Mahadevi is a Warrior of Shiva and a great 11th-century poet from Karnataka, hails from the village of Uduthadi of Shivamogga district.

Ever since Akka Mahadevi came to their family, her parents felt so appy as they themselves are walking the path of enlightenment and Akka Mahadevi herself walked the path too, and her teacher taught her extraordinary knowledge.

However, it is said that a tyrannical king named Kaushika wanted to imprison the Shaivites, her family and her teacher and demanded Akka Mahadevi to be his consort. Yet Akka Mahadevi refused and in the court of the king when the king asked what are you without the queenship? She then displayed her bare effervescent form, thus she said acknowledging the Shiva within:

I am in love with the one who knows no death, no evil, no form. I am in love with the oneWho knows no place, no space, no beginning, no end.I am in love with the one who knows no fears nor the snares of this world,the Boundless One who knows no bounds.More and more I am in love with my husbandknown by the name of Chennamallikarjuna.”

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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