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Paarshavanatha was a 23rd jain Tirthankara and he was born 273 years earlier than Mahaveera. He’s a prince and hailed from Varanasi. Since childhood, he started contemplating God. One day his father asked him to marry a princess but he rejected and said, his spirit is his soulmate.

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At the age of 16, he started his spiritual journey. He used to go to the forest for contemplation. Wild animals used to play around him while he was meditating. Acharanga sutra says, Mahaveera’s parents were followers of Paaras. He allowed his disciples to wear comfortable clothes.

He practised yoga and all disciplines to attain Godhood very strictly. He got Enlightenment and ascended to havens when he was 75. He taught his disciples many years until his final Ascension ‘Nirvana!’ Jains celebrate his ascent day too. The statues of Paaras were carved very beautifully, depicting serpent hood above his head. It means, he raised his kundalini energy and became enlightened.  He preached non-violence, non-stealing, and being truthful.   

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