India is a country of true Magic and Spirituality, you find mysterious stories associated with every Shrine in the nation, linked to some remote history or a historical figure. Even many great saints live to this day prove such miracles do exist. Even everyone well knew about The Saibaba of Shirdi, performed wonders like Lighting lamps with water when the oil merchant refused to give him the lamp oil.

Such a miracle is happening in The temple of Mata Ji at Gadiya Ghat in Madhya Pradesh. As per the locals, the lamp here burns with water and this tradition took place 5 years ago. This temple is known as Gadiyaghat Wali Mataji Temple.

This wonderful miracle took place from the Temple Priest himself that this temple was filled with Oil Lamps earlier that he got a dream of lighting the oil lamps, taking this as the order of the goddess; he applied his dream into this reality with an utter level of acceptance of the invisible. He brought water from the Kali Sindh River, it turned into a viscous liquid. Lo, the lamp was lit. The villagers couldn’t believe his words, so they too tried to lit the same lamp with their hands, it lit again! This is indeed baffling the scientists and tourists around the nation!  

The temple will be closed to visit during the rainy season as the River Kali Sindh submerges the temple complex underwater and will be reopened after the season.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

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