Raghunath Temple is located in Jammu, near the Himalayas. This is not just a temple but a beautiful and knowledgeable school. It was built by Dogra dynasty king Raja Gulab Singh and his son Ranbir Singh between ‘1835 and 1860.’

This school has many Gods but the main ideals for this school are, Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. They built the towers of this school in a spiral shape and they are all gold platted. This temple has beautiful minute carvings of gods.

They depicted the main scenes from Ramayana, Bhagavad-Gita and Mahabharata on the temple walls with Pahari paintings. Since it is also a great ancient school, it has 6000 manuscripts in several Indian languages including Sanskrit. And with a notable collection of Sarada script in its library.

This temple/school was built in perfect geometry. But this beautiful holy ground faced many terrorist attacks. Since this beautiful Temple/school preserved much knowledge. Some terrorist tried to destroy the ancient knowledge. There is also a translation centre for this school at that time. This school of ancient wisdom will surely remind us of the Hogwarts school from Harry Potter.

This temple supported the digitalization of the manuscripts at a very early stage and has started an E-Gangothri initiative to digitalize the manuscripts.
Literature, grammar, lexicography, prosody, music, rhetoric, Kavya, drama, fables, dharmasutras, Mimamsa, Vedanta, Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Jyotisha, Architecture, Medicine, Epics, Puranas, Bhakti and Tantra are the subjects available in the Temple library. 

   – Viswanath Dasari

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