The Ramchaura Mandir is located in the city of Hajipur, Bihar, India. Near Rambadra, and Helabazar. As per the folklore there, this place has been in existence since the time of Ramayana. The folklore also says, Lord Ram visited this place on the way to Janakpuri.

The main attraction to this place is the footprints of Lord Ram. They worship them every day. The archaeologists found some ancient objects in this place and they kept them in the museum of Patna.

Ramnavami is celebrated in a grand way there every year. On the eve of Ramnavami, a small fair is also organised. The footprints of Lord Ram are at the altitude of 45 meters from the ground.

‘Bari Sangat’ and ‘Chhoti Sangat’ is also situated near this virtuous place. Many saints and yogis were used to visit this place to attend the Sangat and they used to offer prayers. There is also a beautiful gallery is located in this temple.  

Viswanath Dasari

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