In the modern days where external influences and conventional schools make a child the exact offspring of a competitive society that was clamoured with limited thinking, parents need to reconsider their value system by acknowledging the children in our ancient history, where pure innocence ruled them as long as they wanted to be children, not forced by environment or family to enact their elders.

Such a magical child was Saint Rishyasringa! Being born into a royal family, Rishyasringas father took a revolutionary decision of not exposing his son to any worldly influences that urge a child to grow up fast and leave their natural essence behind. So, the father decided to take this child away from his kingdom, the family lived in a small village near the jungle. It is said that Rishyasringa remained a magical child!

When Rishyasringa is about to attain enlightenment, he’s allowed to visit the outer world for further application of knowledge. Then he witness a barren land, a war-haunted kingdom where the princes of that land requests the saint Rishyasringa to abide for a little while.. Unable to bear the amount of external influence, the child-like saint focuses for the wellbeing of the country; neigh in a moment, the whole kingdom has been prospered! He concluded that, if elders protect their children from external influences and even from the harsh attitudes of their own family and let their creative genius flourishes, every kingdom will be heaven itself.  

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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