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Whenever one thinks of a Saint, some outlandish appearance and renunciation come to one’s mind. But the real Saints are quite contrary that even a Nobel Prize Laureate would seem an utter illiterate before these saints absolute knowledge. Abhinavagupta, a Polymath Saint from Kashmir possesses such ability.

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He’s born into a Yogic family in the 10th century AD, a master of the Triad that denotes: Will, Knowledge and Action. The saint is deeply devoted to the God Within and preached the multifaceted wisdom of the ancients. He’s an Author, Musician, Philosopher, Mathematician, Poet, Dramatist and enthusiast of Quantum Physics.

He authored more than 35 works in which Tantraloka was the largest and his famous work and an encyclopedia treatise that deals with Kaula and Trika. He also wrote a commentary on Bharata Muni’s Natyasastra, published under the name Abhinavabharati. He worked ardently to achieve the state of enlightenment and he consulted almost 15 teachers of philosophy in the schools of Ancient Wisdom. And even to this day this wonderful saint and Ascended master will be considered a Genius!

-Viswanath Venkat Dasari

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