The great saintly abilities of Tukaram who hails from Dehu village of Maharashtra were witnessed by many when he miraculously saved the Emperor Shivaji from the attack of his enemies. It is said that, Tukaram appeared in multiplied forms of Shivaji Maharaj, entitles who saintly he became as well as he firmly stood against the dogmas and tyranny of religion at that period.

Tukaram is said to have lived a simple life yet he’s one of the saints of Bhakti Movement that revived Indian spirituality to its zenith. Some say, there were numerous attacks, plotted on this saint but two various stories came up, one was an attack and the other was his ascent. Even the saint’s writings were taken away but later reappeared miraculously.  

But to consider the first, Tuka deliberately saved Shivaji Maharaj with his abilities; in this case, can also save himself. That itself says no one would have dared to touch the saint after this. Tuka’s philosophy is simple to comprehend; he says that the God and I are one and the same. And The Varkaris who regularly go on a pilgrimage also witnessed Tukaram’s Ascension, he vanished before the villagers and some even say that they saw him board a great Sky-Chariot afterwards. This incident took place in Pandharpur, 1649.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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