When we observe or distant History, most of the happenings that were beyond mundane were touted to be epics erasing their significance during the period of invasions. But when we see, there were Saints who evidently show up through their own literature and also in the literature of other Saints. For Instance, Saint Agastya shows up in both Ramayana and Mahabharata which were scribed by two different Saints, Vyasa and Valmiki.

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Siddha saint Agastya is the first contributor of Sangam Literature as began it in Madhurai. Sangam Literature was the earliest literature in southindian land, composed by 473 saints from various backgrounds, including kings, peasants and merchants and there were at least 27 women saints who contributed their knowledge to this grand collection of 2381 enlightening poems while 102 saints remain anonymous. The first set of Sangam Literature dates back to more than 5,000 BCE.

Saint Agastya, the first one to write Tamil Grammar and authored many Hymns in The Rig Veda. Agastya was an extensive traveller; he miraculously travelled to many distant kingdoms that his images can be found in the Islands of Java and Sumatra. The sage is one of the Seven Ascended masters touted as Sapta Rishis. Agastya’s Hermitage is located in various locations in India, especially at the banks of River Godavari at Nashik. The event of Drinking up the whole sea is attributed to Agastya.

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