While the western countries struggle to be precise in calculating calendar days, be they gregorian or julian. The Ancient Indian deeply knew that days and nights, furthermore, time itself as an illusion as the clearly consider the whole of the day as a single moment and yet they precisely calculated the celestial moments that have nothing to do with people’s destinies.

So the ancients wanted to mark a point of reference in which to refresh one’s mind and bring them back to the newness of the everlasting present.

In India, people celebrate this moment during the arrival of Summer. In Telugu states, it is called Ugadi, which celebrates the beginning of this creation and marks the beginning of an era ‘Yuga’ with 60 different names.

But during the modern times as the english calender made to india, the people truly forgot that a minute in ancient India contains 144 seconds, not 60! The celebration of Ugadi has been marked in this era by Emperor Gowthamiputra Shatakarni.

Viswanath Venkat Dasari

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