Ever since we hear about the richness of our ancients, we almost think that we began to be flourished just after the Indus Valley Civilization. However, the actual history is quite contrary to that. If we see the temples, we realised how deep their knowledge was and actually dates back to long, long ago!

1.      The Brihadeeshwara temple built by Rajaraja chola in Tamil Nadu is quite an architectural marvel of this nation that the 80 ton capstone creates a challenge to a modern mind that how the ancients did put it up on the Vimana that over 200 feet tall?

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2.      And the Temple Of The Sun at Konark is another the story, it has the whole scientific phenomena, an ancient encyclopaedia, so to say, it appears that the ancients built that massive structure not to educate themselves but to open the eyes of our civilization. On the top of the temple, there was a giant magnet about 50 tons did exist in which the Idol of the Sun used to Levitate, but was destroyed by the invaders.

3.      As we know through the author Sanjeevi Sanyal, the temples of Ancient India not only served as the places of Spiritual practices but also as the Banks. It is evident that the Temple of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy at Tiruvananthapuram held a lot of ancient treasure, encoded with sacred knowledge. We all know about the secret vault that can only be opened by solving a secret password, or a lock combination, but it is said that those who possess ancient knowledge and enlightenment can open the door.

4.      The Great Temple of Veerabhadra at Leepakshi, built during the Kakatiya Period holds exquisite mystery, the Giant Foot Print! The Foot Print was evidently huge that it might tell us that enlightened Giants did exist.

5.      Another kakatiya temple, The Temple Of Ramappa has a wondrous package of knowledge carved on the temple. The lost dance form of Perini has been revived from this temple itself. And with the modern-day tools, Micro carving can be achieved but not with that precision as it did on the temple pillars of Ramappa.    

6.      The Great Kailasa temple of Ellora caves is another architectural marvel that actually challenges the mainstream archaeology with its profound style of vertical excavation method that even the modern-day architects think twice before taking up such a project. The ultimate challenge of vertical excavation is that one has to reveal the structure as the excavate, like doing the carving and excavation at the same time. 

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