Just as the Shirdi Prasad, by the collaborative efforts of Shree Somnath Trust and Department of Posts, Somanath temple Prasad will be delivered at home.

This facility is available by making a payment of 250 INR at nearby post office through money order. After making the payment, the devotees will receive ‘Prasad’ in a parcel consisting of 200 grams Magas Laddoo and 200 grams of Chikki made of peanuts and sesame seeds.

The packaging and shipping charges will be inclusive in the amount of INR 250. Due to the vast chain of postal services in India, devotees residing in every part of the country will be able to get the Prasad at their home.

The service was launched on Monday on 22nd February 2021, inaugurated by Pravinbhai K Laheri, Trusty and secretary of Shree Somanath Trust at 11:00 AM on Monday in the special presence of Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Post Master General of Saurashtra-Kutch region and Trusty Prof. J. D. Parmar.

“Our aim is to facilitate the delivery of the ‘Prasad’ to the devotees residing in each village across the country through this service”, said Mr. Laheri. The facilities like online donations/Pooja Vidhi, online room booking and live darshan are available already on the official site of Somnath Temple: www.somnath.org

Viswanath Venkat Dasari 

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