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This beautiful temple is located in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. This is a Shiva Temple with beautiful and marvellous carvings. This temple dates back to 930 CE and even ancient. This temple’s carvings and architecture tell us that how able our ancients were.

Just like the ancient Temple Lingaraja, this temple attracts thousands of tourists around the world. This temple was said to be built in the period of Somavanshi. The Arched gateway, ‘Torana’ of this temple is a masterpiece in architecture. This style of entrance gave a unique style to this temple.

courtesy by Wiki

The Somavanshi king Yayati I built this temple. The temple faces west and is constructed in a lower basement amidst a group of temples. The rooftop of this temple was built in pyramidal shape the jagamohana present in the temple was the first of its kind over the predictable two-tier structure.

This Temple has an octagonal wall around it. This one is a smaller one if we compare it to the other temples in Bhubaneswar but the architectural style of this Temple made this one unique and it can stand tall amongst them. The Vimana is a unique structure and the carvings on them are spectacular. This Temple is regarded as a gem in Kalinga architecture.  

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