Sri Talpagiri Ranganatha Swamy Temple is on the bank of River Penna, Nellore. Most of the temple is said to be constructed by Pallava Kings and the sanctum sanctorum constructed was by Cholaking Ubhakulottunga Chola while the Pagoda has been erected by a devotee named Venkatachalam in 18th century.

This is a place said to be where Sage Kasyapa meditated on the Lord, then this shrine was also called Uththara Srirangam. It is said to be that during bhakti movement, The Alvars visited this shrine and as the mark of that significance, the idols of Alvars and Andaal Goda Devi can be seen.

According to the legend once Lord Vishnu arrived here on his vehicle garuda to meet the king of Nagas and assured the safety of this place. Thus the naga king built the first shrine eventually renovated by Pallavas and Cholas.

–       Venkat Dasari

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