It was a common misconception that the path of enlightenment is only for elders. But in reality, enlightenment got closer to people who’re simple minded regardless of their size.

Ascended Master Dhruva is one such magical child who attained enlightenment with rigorous dedication. Utthanapada, a King  who ruled northern part of Ancient India where Dhruva always wanted to experience the joy of being a magical child, except his mother, all of his family members did not accept his idea of staying forever in that state. Even the queen, the first wife of king Utthanapada also greatly denied Dhruva’s position in the family, not even letting him sit on his father’s lap just as his brother.

But Dhruva went on to jungle to find the answer where he met a hermit and learned the knowledge of self and put it into practise, he did rigourous disciplines to conquer himself and oneday, he achieved his goal where he saw his grand self – Vishnu. Then Dhruva desired to be a magical child always and shine his light to humanity. As he returned, he got everything he ever desired, love of family, joy and happiness and eventually, he Ascended to higher planes beyond. Thus it is said that he became the Northstar, inspiring the path finders to lead them where he went. 

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

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