Ever since this nation has been targeted by cultural invaders, the bhakti movement saints did a lot to revive India to its roots of seeing divine within man. In those saints, the 63 nayanars of Tamil Nadu played a vigorous part by starting the bhakti movement in South India which eventually spread to northern India.

In the Nayanars, Ascended Master Tirugnyana Sambandar played a unique part as he’s depicted as a prodigy saint in dancing posture, pointing his finger upwards. He says that it’s Shiva that’s using this body like a puppet. It is said that Tirugnyana Sambandar remained as a boy of 16 and no one knows from when. Another prominent 6th century Saint of nayanars Appar became the disciple of Tirugnyana Sambandar.  

In 1921, Tirugnyana Sambandar’s Devaram’s were translated into English by John Cort, Francis Kingsbury and Godfrey Phillips and were published in Oxford University Press.

It guides to the good path,
all those who melt with love,
and flow with tears as they chant it.
It is the essence of the four Vedas,
Chant our Lord’s name,
say, ‘Hail Shiva!”
– Tiru Gnyana Sambandar (Translated by John Cort)

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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