The Magnificent temple of Srirangam is one of the large functioning temples in the world, located 15 Km from Tiruchirapalli. It is one of the eight swayam vyakta kshetras. The temple comprises 21 towers with exquisite carvings. The temple bears the style of Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas and Hoyasalas who enhanced the temple which was surrounded by The River Cauvery!

The Temple has been reconstructed after the attacks of Delhi Armies in 1371 AD. The temple comprises of 81 shrines, 39 pavilions along with 21 towers in 155 acres of land made the temple the renowned shelter of the Bhaktimoent Meetings.

The temple has been noted in Divya Prabandha of Alvars. Near the Sanctum, the entire inner mandapa has been built by a renowned lady Dancer named Hambi during 817 AD. However, the temple complex is in existence before the 7th century BC as it was mentioned in Sangam Literature of the 6th century BC. The temple was said to have been covered with gold before its primary destruction and it was rebuilt by a Chola king Killivalavan, its the current structure we see today

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

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