A mysterious Vaishnavaite Shrine with a strange history; stands tall by depicting a unique footprint, a challenging trek uphill and bizarre deity. 

It is located at a distance of 60 km from Kakinada, 20 Km from Rajahmundry. . The daily rituals are being performed according to Vyshnava – Vykhanasa Agama Sastra. The origin of the chief deity is unknown along with the giant footprints on the hill and the idol of the deity below the hill has been placed later on. 

The shrine is about 120mts high from the sea level. The hill has about 615 very accurate stairs, each one carved to the length of one’s knee and because of this, the hill was also called ‘Mokaali Parvatham’ and due to its extraordinary history where Sage Parasara once lived here and gifted gold to the villagers before climbing the hill and disappeared, and after this, the hill and the village were named as “Korukonda” – The Hill of Wishes. The idol of the deity on the hill is only about 9 inches in height.

From the inscriptions, it is known that the temple exists from 1302 AD. According to a stone inscription dated 1443 AD found in Lakshmaneswaram Village West Godavari District: The Great Telugu Poet Srinadha visited this shrine and called it as ‘Vedadri’. 

The Government has taken up the mission of developing this shrine into a tourist spot. 


  • Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Wedding Ceremony (Phalguna Suddha Ekadasi) (March).
  • Telugu New Year (Chaitra Suddha Padyami) (March/April).
  • Sri Ramanuja’s Thiru Nakshtram (May).
  • Godavari Pushkara Mahostavam (Sravana Masam – Entrance of Guru in Simha Rasi) (July/August once in 12 Years).
  • Sri Vyshnava Krishnastami.
  • Sarannavarathri Utsavam (Sri Lakshmi Poojalu) ( Asveeja Suddha Padyami) (October).
  • Dhanurmasa Rituals ( Margasira Masam) (December).
  • Mukkoti Mahostavam (Sudda Ekadasi) (January).

–       Venkat Dasari

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