Miracles of devotion to the god-within are infinite, the people who attained enlightenment by taking The Ram as their inspiration are numerous, such was Ascended Master Ramadasu of Bhadrachalam who authored Dasarathi Satakam. He’s a master of Carnatic Music from which Ascended Master Tyagaraja himself took inspiration from.  

Born as Kancharla Gopanna to Linganna Mantri and Kamamba of a Brahmin family during the 15th century in Nelakondapalli Village in Telugu State. Gopanna was so keen in learning knowledge and lived a common life. His uncles, Madanna and Akkanna who’re the ministers in the court of Tana Shah from Qutb Shahi Dynasty; recommended Gopanna to the king for his excellence in knowledge. Tana Shah appointed Gopanna as the Tahsildar of Palvancha Taluk.

Gopanna was greatly influenced by Ascended Master Ramabhadra of Bhadrachalam and thought of renovating the Ancient temple in that place. However, he did renovate the temple with six hundred thousand rupees and began teaching knowledge to the common folk and this angered the Sultan Tana Shah, that he demanded Gopanna to repay him the money he spent on the temple, by doubting that he might have diverted the taxes to renovation. Tana Shah also sentenced Gopanna a 12-year imprisonment until he repays everything.

Even today, in the fort of Golconda, Hyderabad, one can see the prison where Gopanna was kept. Then, Tana Shah saw The Ram in a lucid dream and when he’s awake, he found a huge heap of Gold coins minted with the image of Ram. Realising his mistake, he released Gopanna with honour. From then on, Tana Shah became a disciple to Gopanna and established a tradition to send pearls to the Badrachalam temple on every Rama Navami festival and was continued by his successors, still carried even today.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: History Under Your Feet -Wordpress.com

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