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The great Shiva Temple situated in Khajuraho is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the largest and grandest temple of Khajuraho, holds Nagara style architecture with exquisite carvings and sheer dedication to knowledge. Built by Vidhyadhara, the ruler of the Chandela dynasty in the 11th century, when the King won in a conflict with the invader Mahmud of Ghazni, got defeated twice by King Vidhyadhara.

Towering to 117 foot from the ground, the temple covers 6500 square feet and stands tall on a giant platform called the adhistana.  The temple holds rich knowledge of sacred geometry and was built in the shape of a hexagon. The central pagoda was built in the shape of mount Meeru and resembles a pyramidion style.  

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The carvings include several yogis, historical figures, devas and apsaras. The temple also features the light and dark shadow style with extraordinary brilliance. The temple conveys a subtle message that on the outer layer, the carvings of sensuality and as we go deeper into the temple, the carvings become ethereal and in the central part one may find god, the which resides within human embodiment when turned inward.

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