The 11th century Saint and Ascended Master Dhyaneshwar is a prodigy! He wrote commentary named Dhyaneshwari to Bhagavad Gita and Amruthanubhav. He is the saint from the order of Nath Vaishnava Tradition and second of the four children of Rukmini and Vithal Govind Kulkarni.

He propagated knowledge in the local Marathi language from Sanskrit made his writing the earliest writings of Marathi.

Dhyaneshwar greatly acknowledged God within humanity in a great extent that it made him a true master. He performed great miracles that he resurrected a man named Sathchitananda, saying the one who bears the name of the lord cant be lifeless.

Later Sathchitananda became his disciple and attained enlightenment, wrote a book on Dhyaneshwar’s Ascent as ‘Dhyaneshwar Vijay’ that was found, hard to read.

Dhyaneshwar’s two brothers and sister were also great masters! They’re said to be levitating together and roam around the village as if they sit on a wall.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

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