It is said that very few temples of Brahma exist in the Indian subcontinent. In them, the prominent temple was the Jagatpita Brahma Temple Of Pushkar, Rajasthan. There were 500 temples of various deities near Pushkar lake while 80 temples were renovated!  

The original structure was very ancient and was established by Sage Viswamitra and later renovated by Master Adi Shankara. The Temple was built by stone and marble while the Pagoda is red in colour. Goddess Gayatri and Savitri are the consorts of Brahma in this shrine.

The Temple was later undergone minor repairs done by Maharaja Jawad Raj of Ratlam. It is said that this site symbolises that Brahma demolishing the attitude of Vajrabana with a lotus that three of its petals fell on this place, represents banishing once past existence and renovation oneself.

It indirectly denotes that the Sage Viswamitra’s journey of Self-Conquest led to the commission of this shrine. Goddess Savitri’s shrine is located above the Ratnagiri hill near the Pushkar lake.

The Temple Of Shiva that was named Atpeshwar Temple is located near the shrine of Brahma, the A fierce Yogi is said to have attended the yajna and later revealed his effervescent form.

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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