This was built in 1235 AD and 32 Km away from Puri. It has undergone a lot of vandalism by the invaders, even the sanctum sanctorum got destroyed, much of the carvings survived to this day.

The Sun Temple at Konark has the magnificent library of knowledge told beautifully in the form of carvings to educate the coming civilization. Animals and their behaviours were carved beneath while a form of fine arts like dancers and musicians were carved above. A lot of scientific information can also be seen in the form of a giant sundial and the temple itself resemble the sky-chariot of the sun-god, with 24 wheels and seven horses painted with the colours of a rainbow.

The faces of Giant idols of Surya can be seen with various emotions depicting various phases of the sun shining through the day! Another set of carvings deal with Administration, recorded wars and international relations; while another section of carvings deals with adult education and measures to be taken for proper parenthood. And the carvings above them deal with various God and path to self-enquiry.  

– Viswanath Venkat Dasari

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