Vasantha Panchami or Sri Panchami is the festival chiefly associated with Goddess Saraswathi, an indication of God’s primary intelligence or the divine intelligence and the mind of God. The goddess is depicted dressed in white light with scintillating pearls holding a veena and a book, which in turn can be said as frequency and knowledge.  

The day Vasantha Panchami is the day where one can start something extraordinary and new. Especially in the field of knowledge; be it art, science and literature. On this day, people directly worship the form of knowledge and wisdom by offering a festive diet made of Cow Milk, bananas, curd, maize, wheat and jaggery. This auspicious day is designated for people to strictly focus on right thought and right knowledge which in turn help them to achieve wonderful material manifestation.

This day is grandly celebrated in the Gnana Sawaswathi Temple of Basara, Adilabad district, Telangana. The temple has a historical significance dates back to the era of Mahabharatha. Sage Veda Vyasa stayed here and contemplated on the source of Knowledge and wrote his wisdom, on the bank of Godavari. Thus this shrine has been established later on.   

–       Venkat Dasari

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